The National Childrens Rights Advocates (N.C.R.A.) is a foundation dedicated to safeguarding our nation's children. Founded in 2010 by Phillip Montessori - C.E.O.
of the Montessori Corporation, whose daughter Hanna was murdrerd in 2004. 
  Our goal is to create stricter laws and punishments for child predators, abusers, and others who commit crimes against children. Along with creating improved networking resources to better protect children against abuse and neglect. 
Also establishing support groups for children to ensure they have a safe living environment and are protected and secure.
  Advocating for the protection, safety, and support of our nation's children is our mission, motivation and only objective!
  Our mission is simple; to lobby for new child protection laws, and ammending existing ones to better protect our nation's children. As well as forming groups that will create local, state, and national activities, and programs; such as privately funded safe homes for runaway, neglected, or abused children, (an alternative to state run facilities or group homes).
  We will also be developing a children's protection network that will work with all law enforcement agencies nationwide.